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SID UGA and Grenoble INP libraries

France’s physics reference library and BNF affiliate

Date màj : 09/11/2015

As a member of the CADIST network, the Science Library houses a large number of research publications dating all the way back to the 1950s. These publications are made available to students and researchers anywhere in the country through a system of interlibrary loans.

The Science Library is both the CADIST library for physics and an affiliate of France’s national library, the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF).

France’s reference library (CADIST) for physics

CADIST Centres d’acquisition et de diffusion de l’information scientifique et technique.

Being a CADIST has enabled the Science Library to amass an unparalleled collection of French works in theoretical and applied physics. This is in addition to the already considerable catalogue it had when it was established in 1980.
The Grenoble region’s many cutting-edge research centres – such as CNRS->http://www.alpes.cnr[s.fr/?] , CEA , UJF , Grenoble INP, ILL and ESRF – also rely on the Library to support their work.

The CADIST libraries’ remit is set forth in a policy agreement. Their core mission is to provide an exhaustive as possible collection of works in their field. Their collections span all types of essential research publications – such as periodicals, conference proceedings, monographs, and academic papers – in print and electronic form. New works are acquired through paid subscriptions, donations, and exchanges. The CADIST libraries for science and technology work together to make sure print versions are available for all titles.

Today most commercial publications are issued in electronic format; the Science Library strives to acquire academic papers and works by learned societies around the world.

  • Les collections The Science Library has a vast array of conference proceedings from world-calibre organizations such as the AIP, IEEE, MRS, and SPIE, as well as special edition publications from commercial publishers and learned societies.
Subjects covered in the collection -  PDF - 122.7 kb
Subjects covered in the collection

Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF) Affiliate

France’s national library, the BNF, provides services across the country through a network of affiliates set up in 1994. The affiliates work with the BNF on issues like resource sharing, national cataloguing, shared document scanning, training, and exhibitions. The Science Library is the BNF resource-sharing affiliate for physics, and as such received a grant every year from 1994 to 2011. These funds enabled the Library to acquire some 450 items annually – mainly international conference proceedings.

  • National cataloguing In France all publishers are required to submit a copy of their publications to the BNF under a national cataloguing programme. Since June 2006 the Science Library has been receiving, under a cooperation agreement, second copies of publications registered under the national programme. In 2012 the Library received around 100 physics monographs published in France, which have been catalogued in regional and national catalogues (SUDOC) and can be consulted at the Library. They are mainly university textbooks that the Library has also bought in sufficient number to loan to students. Under the national cataloguing agreement, the Library receives 15 periodicals – including physics and mechanical engineering conference proceedings from France’s Académie des Sciences and sections of the European Physical Journal – that can be consulted at the Library.
  • Document scanning In 2010 the Library, as a BNF affiliate, launched an initiative to scan heritage works on hydraulics. The first scanned works were made available on the Hydraulica digital library in early 2012, and will soon also be available on Gallica. 46 new scanned documents will be added in early 2013.


  • Catalogues All of the Library’s physics publications, whether acquired out of its own funds or through allocations or donations, are catalogued in SUDOC first.
  • Research publications Students and researchers in France or abroad can search and access the Library’s entire collection through SUDOC, in full compliance with copyright laws.
  • Online and personal assistance

The Science Library takes part in the Ren@rdQ&A forum, and offers personal appointments with librarians to help you search for specific articles and learn to use the INSPEC reference database.

For more information, contact: mail joel.pollet@ujf-grenoble.fr

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