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Online dissertations

Date màj : 12/03/2015

Submitting your online dissertation:

  • For PhD students

As of 1 January 2011, PhD students defending dissertations at Grenoble universities and the University of Savoie (except medicine and pharmacy dissertations known as ’thèses d’exercice’) are asked to submit their dissertations electronically.
Please read the practical information on the University of Grenoble Doctoral College website, in the section entitled ‘Soutenance de thèse et dépôt électronique’ (thesis defences and online submissions).

We also ask that you take a few minutes to watch the video tutorial on submitting your online dissertation.

pdf version

All dissertations defended at UJF (except medicine and pharmacy dissertations known as ’thèses d’exercice’) are uploaded to the TEL platform. This policy follows a decision taken by UJF in 2005 as part of a joint project with CCSD (Centre pour la Communication Scientifique Directe).
Some dissertations defended prior to 2005, as well as research directorship papers, are also available on the TEL platform. However, the corresponding lists may be incomplete.
Some of the dissertations in medicine and pharmacy (’thèses d’exercice’) defended at UJF since 2009 are also available (full-text versions) on the DUMAS platform. All midwifery dissertations from 2011 are online.

Consult online dissertations

  • On the TEL, or Thèses En Ligne platform: submit, search, and consult PhD dissertations and research directorship papers
  • On the Dissertation Portal Portail des thèses: a nationwide resource where you can: 1. Consult full-text versions of dissertations; and 2. Consult topics of dissertations currently in progress
  • On the TEL platform for Grenoble Institute of Technology: consult dissertations defended at Grenoble Institute of Technology (go to Consulter/Par organisme de délivrance/Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble - INPG)

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