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Remote access

Date màj : 30/01/2014

How to connect to Gael via remote access (off-campus, at home...)

Since 2013, May, gael is available via remote access: you may access to all g@el resources (full-text of e-books, journals, consulting databases) from any connexion to the internet, off-campus, outside your lab or out of the university libraries. A single authentication with your agalan login and password is required.

Some tips:
Which contents? all g@el resources and all the documents SICD1 subscribes to: online databases, e-books and electronic journals.

Who may access? this service is available only for the members (staff and students) of the UJF or INP laboratories that join g@el (exception: resources listed below in the ‘And if I am a student?’ section).

Where? From any computer connected to the internet, via wifi (included ‘portail-captif’ or eduroam) or wireline, e.g. from home, from another university, in France or abroad.

When? service available 24h/24, 7 days a week.

How to proceed?
For connexion, go to the usual web pages of gael (g@el electronic databases, periodicals, books) on the SICD1 web site: http://sicd1.ujf-grenoble.fr/?lang=en in the ‘Search and Consult’ section.

Use the link "Access to..." : a web page appears where you are required to enter login and password. You must insert your agalan login (LONG form i.e. followed by _ujf if you are staff or student of UJF, by _inpg if you are staff or student of Grenoble INP) then enter your password. You will thus find the usual interfaces for consulting the resources (‘round window’ and tables) and you may retrieve the full text of the documents you are interested in and search within your favorite databases.

If you commonly use Google scholar: you may access, as explained below, to the full text of articles or books, if:
1. g@el has subscribed to the journals or the resource you want to read
2. you shall use the following link: Google Scholar via gaelnomade. You shall also find it in the web page ‘g@el electronic periodicals’, just beside the Google Scholar logo.
Important notice : there is an absolute need to use this link in order to access full text. If you go to Google Scholar only by entering the url in the address bar of your web browser, you won’t retrieve the full text.

In the labs? No changes from your usual computer in your lab: you don’t have to enter agalan login and password.

And if I am a student?
Several resources are available, as explained below (long agalan login + password), for all UJF or INP Grenoble members (staff or students, whatever their degree may be), because it deals with education, for the most. Here is the list, giving also the link which allows to consult them via remote access:

Access problems

Date màj : 20/11/2015

WARNING, connection not available for the following resources

  • Annals of glaciology
  • Diabetes (Highwire)
  • Journal of the physical society of Japan

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