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SID UGA and Grenoble INP libraries

LibQUAL SICD1 Grenoble - Survey FAQs

Date màj : 24/01/2017

Learn about LibQUAL+

Please participate in the survey

What is LibQUAL+?

What are the goals of LibQUAL+?

What is the format of the survey?

Which libraries (UJF, G INP) are participating?

How is LibQUAL+ conducted?

Why do some questions seem repetitive?

How long will the survey run?

How long does it take to complete the survey?

Can I skip questions that don’t apply to me?

What about confidentiality?

Will there be any incentives for participating?

What happens to the survey data?

Is there more information on the LibQUAL+ survey?

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