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Blog of CR69

Regional periodicals cataloguing centre

Date màj : 02/05/2016


The Science Library is home to the Grenoble Education Administration Regional Periodicals Cataloguing Centre (CR69). It was attributed this role by France’s Agency for Bibliographic Resources for Higher Education (ABES).

CR69 forms part of a vast network of 30 regional centres across France. The centres meet once a year at ABES headquarters in Montpellier, France, along with representatives from ABES, ISSN France and International, and BNF. They share their methods and best practices to help each centre run more efficiently.


CR69’s duties are set forth by ABES:

  • Taking an inventory of periodicals in the region’s libraries and entering them in SUDOC; and
  • Finding new partners – an essential aspect of CR69’s work. The goal is to enhance France’s national catalogue with rare, highly-specialized, and old works that are not available at other centres.

CR69 serves as the liaison between member libraries, ABES, and ISSN France for ISSN number requests.

Member libraries include municipal and departmental libraries, departmental archives, non-profit organization libraries, company libraries, and school and university libraries.

Libraries with link to SUDOC - Libraries repository
Abbaye Notre-Dame d’Aiguebelle - bibliothèque
Agence d’urbanisme de la région grenobloise - Documentation
Archives départementales de la Haute-Savoie
Archives départementales de l’Isère
Archives départementales de la Savoie
Archives départementales de l’Ardèche
Archives municipales d’Aix les bains
Archives municipales de Grenoble
Artelia - centre des ressources documentaires(SOGREAH Consultants - documentation)
Association Bibliothèque Culture et Religion (ABCeR)
Bibliothèque - Musée dauphinois
Bibliothèque de l’Académie Salésienne
Bibliothèque de l’Ancien Grand Séminaire
Bibliothèque de sciences religieuses, Eglise catholique. Diocèce d’Annecy
Bibliothèque municipale d’étude et d’information (Grenoble)
Bibliothèque municipale Lamartine (Aix les Bains)
Bibliothèques de l’agglomération d’Annecy
Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie, Médiathèque
Centre départemental de documentation pédagogique, Médiathèque
Centre d’informations Inter-Peuples (CIIP)
Centre du patrimoine arménien
Centre hospitalier régional Grenoble, Centre de coordination en cancérologie, Service documentation
Centre hospitalier Sainte Marie - Centre de documentation
Centre scientifique et technique du bâtiment (CSTB) - Documentation
CNRS Bibliothèques du groupe de laboratoires du polygone scientifique
Ecole d’Architecture - Centre de documentation
Grenoble Ecole de management, Bibliothèque Dieter Schmidt
Infos Risques Service de documentation Equipe EPSP-Labo TIMC (UMR 5525)
Institut des risques majeurs (IRMa)
Institut Laue-Langevin JOINT ILL-ESRF LIBRARY - Bibliothèque
La Poéthèque
Laboratoire d’Annecy-Le-Vieux de physique des particules (LAPP) - Bibliothèque
Laboratoire de physique subatomique et de cosmologie (LPSC), Bibliothèque
Maison de la nature et de l’environnement de l’Isère
Médiathèque intercommunale Maurice Pic (Montélimar)
Médiathèque Jean Ferrat (Aubenas)
Médiathèque Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Chambéry)
Médiathèque municipale (Privas)
Médiathèque publique et universitaire (Valence)
Médiathèque Simone de Beauvoir (Romans)
Mouvement français pour le planning familial - Centre de documentation
Musée château d’Annecy
Musée de Grenoble - Bibliothèque
Musée savoisien
Museum d’Histoire naturelle de Grenoble, bibliothèque scientifique
Observatoire des politiques culturelles
PACTE. Pole EDDEN. Documentation Energie/Environnement

CR69 holds an annual meeting with all its members to review the work done that year and describe its plans for the coming year. These lively meetings are valuable opportunities to network and discuss new ideas.

CR69 plays an active role in the Rhône-Alpes Region periodicals conservation programme, working closely with its Lyon counterpart (CR70) and the Rhône-Alpes Agency for Books and Documentation ARALD. Under this programme, CR69 is responsible for recording in SUDOC any changes in participating libraries’ collections due to the transfer of publications.

Useful links

  • Rhône-Alpes Agency for Books and Documentation ARALD
  • French Agency for Bibliographic Resources for Higher Education ABES
  • International Standard Serial Number ISSN International Centre


Périscope - Description on the ABES website
Colodus - Description on the ABES website

Visit the ABES tutorials website for tutorials on Périscope and Colodus.

Annual Meeting Presentation Slides

Annual Reports

2012 Annual Report
2013 Annuel Report
2014 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report

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