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Ren@rd - Document search and query system

Date màj : 18/05/2013

Formulaire de demande de renseignements en ligne

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Your question will be sent automatically to the Ren@rd query service. We will send you a recap of your question by email.

The Ren@rd service

Date màj : 20/04/2013

A librarian from a SICD1 Grenoble library (the Science Library or Medicine and Pharmacy Library) will process your request.

This service is available to everyone, although priority is given to Grenoble university students and faculty. You should receive a reply [1]. within three working days, but if your query is particularly complicated and will take longer to process, we will send you an estimated response time.

With the Ren@rd service, you can request a document search or ask for more information about SICD1 Grenoble library services and collections.

We will recommend a research method and various tools you can use (like databases, reference books, and library catalogues). We can give you some bibliographic references but cannot provide an exhaustive list.

The Ren@ard service does not include:

  • Medical or legal consultations
  • Responses concerning dissertation or admission exam issues

To obtain the documents found through Ren@rd, please contact the interlibrary loan service.

Users will be held responsible for how they use the information obtained from the Ren@rd service.

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