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Writing a research report

Date màj : 12/09/2016

The Library boasts a vast collection of journals and publications for UJF and Grenoble Institute of Technology students. Download our Reader’s guide for a comprehensive overview of the useful services we offer.

When you can’t come to the Library, use the RUGBIS catalogue to find the publication you need online.

The Library’s collection includes a full slate of reference books like print and online encyclopaedias to help you get started on your research.

Below are some practical exercises – along with the answers – to get you comfortable using the RUGBIS catalogue:

An encyclopaedia is often the first place we look when researching a new topic. Below are examples showing how to search for specific topics in Wikipedia and the Techniques de l’ingénieur engineering encyclopaedia:

Researching sport subjects in SportDiscus

Date màj : 12/09/2016

SportDiscus is a Canadian database of comprehensive, full-text articles from sport and sport medicine journals. Learn more on the quick guide).

SportDiscus is the first stop if you want to find a specific article, book, or conference proceedings. You can go to SportDiscus from the Library’s electronic resources page.

To help you get started using the database, below is a tutorial with some examples and screenshots of different queries:

Putting together a research bibliography

Date màj : 09/01/2014

A bibliography is a key element of any research project. Learning how to use search tools and references will not only save you time, but help you make sure you’ve included all relevant publications for your research.

Today all scientists must master the basic skills of library research, especially if they want to stay on top of the latest developments in their fields. It’s the only way to keep pace with rapid changes driven by technology.

Below are tutorials to teach you how to perform the types of searches that will be essential for your work.

Scientific and Technical Information

  • What is scientific and technical information?
  • Library research methods
  • Challenges – and how to overcome them info document -  voir en grand cette image

Scientific publishing by T. Forveille


  • Choosing the right database
  • Quick guides to different databases

Finding and viewing a specific article

  • Interpreting bibliography references
  • The right method for viewing an article

Online searches

  • Directories, search engines, and metasearch engines
  • Grey literature and the deep web
  • Web 2.0

"Collège doctoral 2015" training

Date màj : 12/03/2015

Identify the new research issues

Building an effective bibliographic research

Supporting your project

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