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SID UGA and Grenoble INP libraries


Date màj : 12/09/2013

How to register

  • Students enrolled at Université Joseph Fourier and Grenoble Institute of Technology are automatically registered with the library.
    Students must activate their registration before borrowing any items.
  • For other readers, registration can be completed at the library’s Front Desk.
    > All readers must have either a student ID or reader card to borrow from the library and use library services.

Learn more about how to register tel +33 4 76 51 42 84

Students enrolled at UJF or Grenoble Institute of TechnologyAutomatically registered
UJF or Grenoble Institute of Technology researchers and facultyAutomatically registered
Students enrolled at UPMF, Université Stendhal, IEPFree of charge
UPMF, Université Stendhal, IEP researchers and facultyFree of charge
Students enrolled at other universities in Rhône-Alpes outside GrenobleFree of charge

Other readers :

Private individuals pay the full registration fee
High-school students, pupils from public or private schools, and students enrolled at universities outside Rhône-Alpes pay the reduced registration fee
Registration is free of charge for job seekers
  • Full registration fee : 68€
  • Reduced registration fee : 34€

Information desk

Date màj : 04/09/2014

Get your questions answered!

To contact a librarian for help, go to the Reference Desks on the ground and first floors of the library or call:
tel +33 4 76 51 45 56 (ground floor) or tel +33 4 76 63 57 50 (first floor)

Our librarians are available to:

  • Provide guidance and assistance in your bibliographic research
  • Help you find your way around the library
  • Direct you to other resources as needed

Don’t hesitate to ask a librarian!


Date màj : 18/11/2016

Borrowing at the library

Library borrowing limits and loan periods

Books, thesisnumbertimemore time
Students enrolled in Bachelor’s degree programmes, outside borrowersunlimited3 weeks2 times 2 weeks
Students enrolled in Master’s, PhD ; researchers et staffunlimites5 weeks2 times 2 weeks
Magazines (North 2nd floornumbertime
Tout lecteur inscrit21 semaine non prolongeable
2 revues de sport pour 3 jours
8 items for 14 daysStudents enrolled in Bachelor’s degree programmes
8 items for 21 daysStudents enrolled in Master’s, PhD ; researchers; outside borrowers
12 items for 21 daysStudents enrolled in CAPES and agregation programs
2 items for 14 daysStudents from universities in Rhône-Alpes outside Grenoble
Periodicals on 1st floor :
  • Last issue : never checked out
  • 4 magazines for 7 days including no more than 2 Sports magazines for 3 days
All registered patrons
Periodicals on 2nd floor :
  • no checking out of any magazines
All registered patrons

Loan of items can be renewed twice for the same loan period either at the Circulation Desk at the library or online via RUGBIS - see RUGBIS - How to renew a loan (video in french)

  • Items from the General Collection :
    may be checked out.
    Library Use Only titles (red labels) cannot be checked out (except on an exceptional basis from Saturday to Monday morning).
  • Periodicals :
    1st floor : all issues can be checked out BUT the last one.
    2nd floor : no checking out of any magazines.

Items can be checked out at and return to the Circulation Desk.

There is a book drop outside the Science Library for returns outside normal opening hours.

Science library InterLibrary Loan (ILL) service

Date màj : 27/09/2016

Anyone registered with the library is eligible to use the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service to borrow works not found at the Science Library.

Conversely, other libraries and institutions, whether public or private or located in France or abroad, can use the service to borrow documents from the Science Library’s collections.

Université Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble Institute of Technology, and GIANT Innovation Campus students and staff:

Who is eligible to use the Interlibrary Loan service?
Anyone registered as a user of the Science Library.

Provide the exact bibliographic information of the item you would like to request:

  • Via the online request form;
  • email to bus-peb@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr;
  • By fax to fax +33 4 76 63 58 64; or
  • By completing an Interlibrary Loan request card, which can be picked up at the Interlibrary Loan office (on the first floor of the library) or at the Information Desk.

If you have been approved to make Interlibrary Loan requests on a laboratory account:

  • When you make your first Interlibrary Loan request, please provide the Interlibrary Loan service with an Interlibrary Loan Account Application Form completed in your name and signed by the head of the laboratory.
    All Interlibrary Loan fees associated with your requests will be paid by the laboratory.
  • You can also use the Interlibrary Loan service to request that a copy be made of a document in the Science Library collections. Search the catalogue.
  • Photocopies will be sent directly to your laboratory. You will receive an email notifying you as soon as your items arrive.

How long does it take?
You should receive your item within two to ten days.

How much does it cost [1] ?

Lending library Science or Medicine Library Laboratories Private Institutions
French academic libraries network - Photocopies€2€3€12
French academic libraries network - Loan€5€6€15
European academic libraries network - Photocopies€6€7Cost price if over €12
European academic libraries network - Loan€12€12Cost price if over €15
Other librariesApplication of the cost priceCost price if over €15

Interlibrary Loan fees are charged to offset the costs of the service. Fees are paid either by the borrower when picking up the items borrowed, or by the borrower’s lab if the items were requested on a lab account. To open a lab account, you must complete an Interlibrary Loan Account Application Form.

You may pick up your items at the Interlibrary Loan desk, on the first floor of the library, from Monday to Friday, between 8.30 am and 7.30 pm.

If you do not belong to the university community and are not registered as a Science Library user:

If you would like to borrow an item from our catalogue, please contact the library nearest you. We will send your item and invoice for Interlibrary Loan fees to your local library.

Librarians and archivists at French public or private institutions:

Please send us your request, with the exact bibliographic references for the items you need, a delivery address (and billing address, if different):

Service interétablissement de documentation
Bibliothèque universitaire de Sciences
Service de fourniture de documents
BP 66

How long does it take?
The library will send your requested item by regular mail within 48 hours.

How much does it cost?

Your organisation Photocopies Loan
public-sector organisations€6 incl. tax€8 incl. tax
private-sector organisations€12 not incl. tax€15 incl. tax

For readers located outside France: Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

To obtain an item in our catalogue, please send us your request by email to bus-peb@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr. You will receive your document by mail.
We accept IFLA Vouchers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.

Contact the Interlibrary Loan service

Email: : bus-peb@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr
tel +33 4 76 63 58 10 or ext. 35810
fax +33 4 76 63 58 64

Postal/mailing address: :
Service interétablissement de documentation
Bibliothèque universitaire de Sciences
Service de fourniture de documents
BP 66

InterLibrary Loan request form

Date màj : 18/04/2013

Click here


Date màj : 18/11/2016

Self-service photocopying

You must have a copy card to make photocopies or print documents at the library.

Students Laboratories (faculty, researchers, PhD students)How to get your card
Card€1 card purchase + €0.10 per copy (discount for large volumes)Buy card at machines on ground and first floors
-€1 card purchase + €15 per 100 copiesAt the cash desk on the ground floor, purchase order required

Off-site photocopy orders

You can also order photocopies of documents in the Science Library collections from your home or office.
Consult the catalogue ici.

Priority is given to orders from Grenoble-based labs and other organisations registered with the library:

  • UGA and Grenoble Institute of Technology teaching and research faculty
  • Researchers working at labs on the GIANT Innovation Campus
  • Private-sector organisations or private individuals with an existing photocopy account with the Science Library

Learn more

tel +33 4 76 63 58 10
fax +33 4 76 63 58 64

Public workstations

Date màj : 12/09/2013

The Science Library has nearly 40 public workstations located throughout the facility.

What can you do on the public workstations?

  • Consult library resources like catalogues, databases, and electronic periodicals
  • Use the internet
  • Use office software
  • Download bibliographic research results to a USB memory stick
  • Send bibliographic research results by email
  • Print (requires photocopy card)


You can connect to the unviersity wifi network (wifi campus).
Connection :

  • by captive portal to access limited services (internet, some mail servers...)
  • by VPN authentication, if installed on your computer

For more information on this topic

please consult, for Agalan identifiers particularly.


Date màj : 18/11/2016

UJF and Grenoble Institute of Technology dissertations defended on 1 January 2011 or later will now be available online. Dissertations defended prior to that date are available in paper format only; UJF dissertations defended since 2005 are available online via the national TEL platform.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: clinical dissertations in medicine and pharmacy are not concerned by this procedure.

Dissertation submissions

As of 1 January 2011, UJF and Grenoble Institute of Technology PhD students are asked to submit their dissertations electronically using a new procedure.

The disserations will also be made available via the national TEL platform

Benefits: Electronic dissertations generate substantial cost savings while increasing the visibility of PhD students’ work and facilitating career placement.

1- Faster, easier access.
Dissertations submitted electronically are made available soon after the defence, and their publication is announced. Electronic dissertations are available from anywhere, any time, and are indexed by specialist search engines like GoogleScholar.

2- Broader reach.
Electronic dissertations are more likely to reach a wider audience (reserachers and businesses worldwide) faster. Electronic publication makes it easier for others to cite your work and include it in their bibliographies.

3- More readers.
And, because electronic dissertations are easier to find and consult, they are read more frequently.

4- Long-term accessibility.
Electronic dissertations are submitted and then archived with the CINES (France’s national higher education IT centre), ensuring long-term data integrity and long-term access via a peromanent identifier and link even as new technologies emerge. New dissertations also appear in SUDOC (France’s higher-education publications listing) for broad visibility over time.

Procedure: PhD students must submit an electronic version (in a single PDF) of their dissertation. The procedure can be found on the Doctoral College website at

Dissertations and dissertation metadata will then be entered into a workflow application (STAR):

  • To be entered into STAR, a dissertation must be the one with which the PhD student earned their degree.
  • With the PhD’s approval, STAR sends the version of the dissertation submitted for publication and the dissertation metadata to the publication platforms chosen by the institution granting the PhD. Metadata are also sent out via an OAI/PMH (Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting) server, increasing the chances that the dissertation will be picked up.
  • Dissertations are given a permanent URL, guaranteeing the authenticity of the document, and providing reliable, long-term access.
  • End users can therefore be assured that they are viewing the dissertation approved by the institution (after any corrections requested by the jury) granting the PhD. The dissertation can then be cited in virtually any type of publication (journal article, etc.). (source : http://bbf.enssib.fr/consulter/bbf-2007-06-0046-009)
Useful addressesTEL server (CCSD)

Véronique Denizot mail bu-theses@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr tel +33 4 76 63 58 09

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