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Date màj : 16/04/2013

Students enroled at UJF (Université Joseph Fourier) and Grenoble Institute of Technology must activate their registration by showing their student ID card the first time they use the library. Other readers can register at the Front Desk (ID and passport-type photo required).

All readers must have either a student ID or reader card to borrow from the library and use library services.


Registration is free of charge for:

  • Students enrolled at universities in Rhône-Alpes
  • Researchers, teaching faculty, and university medical centre staff from the greater Grenoble area
  • Job seekers

A reduced registration fee applies for:

  • High-school students
  • Students in healthcare-related academic programmes
  • Students enrolled in public or private schools
  • Students enrolled in universities outside of Rhône-Alpes

For other readers, the full registration fee applies.


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Date màj : 10/06/2013

What items can be borrowed?

  • All works in the circulation room and in storage.
ReaderNumber of itemsLoan period
Undergraduate students814 days
Graduate students and teachers821 days
Students from schools in Rhône-Alpes outside Grenoble214 days
Other readers821 days
  • Course reserve items and exam prep materials: Cannot be checked out on weekdays. Can be checked out for the weekend, from Friday at noon until Monday at 10 am. Limit: two items per student.
  • ECN (national ranking exam) works:
    • In the Reference Room: Can be checked out five hours before closing and must be returned by 10 am the next day.
    • In the Periodicals Room: Cannot be checked out.
  • Reference works: Dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and directories cannot be checked out.
  • Periodicals: Cannot be checked out, with the exception of magazines from the Newspaper and Magazine Room, which can be checked out for 7 days (limit 2 magazines).

Checking out, returning, reserving, and renewing borrowed items

  • Checkouts and returns: At the front desk. Outside of library opening hours, please return books via book drop outside, just to the left of the main entrance.
  • Renewals: Borrowed items can be renewed twice for the same loan period directly from the Rugbis catalogue (click on the ‘my account’ icon).
  • E-mails and dunning letters : rates
    • An e-mail of courtesy is sent on your student messaging 48:00 am before the term of the loan.
    • Two successive e-mails a few days away from interval inform you about your delay.
    • A first mail invites you to return the documents as soon as possible.
    • In case of non-return of the loans, a registered letter informs you that a stop case is established to the service schooling of your establisment.
  • Penalties for overdue items: Borrowing privileges will be suspended for the same number of days an item is overdue.
Type of workDays overdueBorrowing privileges suspended
Book1 day1 day
Dissertation or thesis1 day1 day
Reserve item1 day7 days

Lost or damaged items will be billed to the borrower (current cost of the item plus replacement expenses).

Theft or damage will result in a three-month suspension of borrowing privileges. The appropriate university authorities will be notified of any repeat offences.

Study rooms

Date màj : 16/04/2013

  • Two study rooms on the ground floor: each seat has its own electrical outlet
  • One study room on the garden level: study tables and direct access to scientific journals (printed edition of the current year and access to the past ten years)
  • Three group study rooms: two of the group study rooms are available on a reservation-only basis (see the Front Desk); a networked study room with videoprojector is also available on a reservation-only basis (see the Information Desk).
  • One lounge: Read today’s newspapers and general-interest periodicals, flip through books and comic books, and use the internet.
  • Two training rooms: For library research classes and training on Pubmed and Zotero. The computers in these rooms are available for use when not being used for training.

Information desk

Date màj : 16/04/2013

Get help from professionals for your research.

The Information Desk is staffed with a team of professional librarians to help you find the resources you need and guide you in your research.

The Information Desk is located at the entrance to the library and is open every day from 10 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 7 pm.

If you need more personalised assistance, make an appointment with a librarian at tel: +33 4 76 63 74 70. Service available only to those registered at the library.

InterLibrary Loan (ILL) service

Date màj : 11/10/2016

The Interlibrary Loan service lets you borrow items not in our library’s collections, either by borrowing the actual work or by having photocopies made. The borrowed items can be found at other libraries in France or internationally.

Contact the Information Desk from 10 am to 7 pm tel +33 4 76 63 74 70 or tel +33 4 76 63 71 89.

The Interlibrary Loan service is available to anyone registered at the University Medicine/Pharmacy Library.

Using the Interlibrary Loan service

  • Simply complete the online form or fill out a paper form, which you can pick up at the Information Desk.
  • You can also send your request by email to mail bump-peb@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr
  • Or fax it to fax +33 4 76 63 71 91.

Picking up and returning ILL items

You should receive the items requested within two to three days. You can pick up your items at the Information Desk at the library entrance. Dissertations and books are loaned for two weeks. As soon as your items are received from the lending library, you will be contacted by telephone or email.


The library incurs costs when obtaining items from other libraries; Interlibrary Loan fees are charged to offset these costs.

University departments and labs have the option of opening an Interlibrary Loan account; services are billed annually.


Date màj : 06/01/2015

Public workstations

The library has public workstations you can use to:

  • Search for bibliographic references and consult full-text journal articles.
  • Download PDFs of articles onto a USB memory stick (plug your memory stick into the USB cable).
  • Print electronic resources via the print server (pay with your copy card).
  • Use OpenOffice software to work on a file on your USB memory stick.
  • Send files by email.

To use these services you will need your AGALAN user ID and password.

Notebook computer loans

You can borrow a notebook computer at the Front Desk (for use at the library). Headsets are also available.


The library is covered by the campus WiFi network. You can connect via:

  • Captive portal for access to a limited number of services (internet, some email servers).
  • Authentication via the VPN client installed on your computer for access to a broader range of services (SICD1 electronic resources).


Date màj : 04/10/2013


There are two photocopiers on the ground floor of the library. To use them, you need a copy card, which can be purchased at the machine next to the photocopiers.rates


A print server is available near the workstations. To send your documents to the server for printing, you must use a copy card.rates


A free scanner is available near the Front Desk. Documents submitted to the copyright, particularly those provided by the library, can not be scanned.

InterLibrary Loan request form

Date màj : 18/04/2013

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