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Acquisition suggestion form

Date màj : 10/01/2014

We welcome any suggestions you have for materials to add to our collection so that we can better meet your needs. We will review your suggestion promptly and get back to you with our decision.

View our acquisition suggestion policy

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Your request will be sent to the acquisitions department of the selected library; you will receive a confirmation email shortly.

Acquisition suggestion policy

Date màj : 10/01/2014

The Library will reply to your acquisition request within five days, indicating whether your request has been accepted or refused.

Before sending your request, make sure that the desired publication is not already in the RUGBIS catalogue and therefore in the Library’s possession.

The section librarian at the Library you specify will review your request as well as the options available for acquiring the desired publication.

The time needed to acquire and catalogue a specific publication varies, but the typical times are as follows for a French publication:

  • Science Library: 1 month
  • Medicine and Pharmacy Library: 1 month
  • Teacher Education Library: 1 month

More time may be needed for foreign publications.

No acquisitions can be made at the end of the fiscal year (i.e., between mid-November and early January) for budgeting purposes, nor during the summer when the Libraries are closed (see your Library’s summer schedule for the exact dates).

Teachers should request acquisitions early enough to have them available for students when needed.

If your request has been approved, you can track it through RUGBIS.

Order sent (en commande):An order has been sent to the supplier
Cataloguing (au catalogue):The publication has been received and is being entered into SUDOC and RUGBIS
Covering and labelling (à l’équipement):The publication is being given a cover and bar-code label
In the stacks (en rayon):The publication is available in the Library stacks

You will be send an email notification when your requested publication is available.

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